Recent discovery : chill/trippy tune by Nathan Williams (Wavves) and his brother Joel. Nothing recent but sooo good. Enjoy !

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Blu & Fa†e released just yesterday “Open Your Optics to Optimism”, an EP that will make you think. Soothing but questioning at the same time. You should give the lyrics more than a little bit of attention.

Spotify HERE and Bandcamp HERE !

I also recommend reading THIS article if you want to learn a bit more about their collaboration and some information behind the EP.

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Relaxing vibes for overwhelmed minds.

Earlier this month, Peace To Mateo released the first track of his upcoming beat tape, also called “Bouquet”. The digital album will be released the 8th of October and is already available for pre-order. You can even order the album on a cassette ! So far, only three tracks are up and available to our ears, with “Juggernauts” that came out just yesterday.

You can give them a listen on his Soundcloud HERE or his Bandcamp HERE !

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Now I know this isn’t “that” new (this song was released in July and is increasing in popularity ever since) but it’s just too good not to talk about. This track is part of Glass Animal’s second studio album called “How To Be A Human Being” which is packed with easy-to-the-ear, groovy but still odd enough for it to be Glass Animals kind of tunes. Does this make any sense? (If not you may want to listen to [Premade Sandwiches] and then you might understand.)

Listen to the full album HERE and buy it HERE !

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Side note, Danny Brown’s new album is officially out TODAY, 3 days earlier than it was schedule so get excited ! I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s even better than I expected it to be. Just give it a listen and expect some sick but smart lyrics. Here’s my personal favourite so far :

Don’t forget to buyyyyyyy it (HERE)


Didn’t think a remix could beat the original song, but this one comes v close to doing so. AMTRAC’s twist will give you goosebumps and a feeling of serenity. So lay down, switch the lights off and enjoy the trip.

Spotify HERE; Soundcloud HERE; iTunes HERE

Original song:

If you’ve never heard of this incredible and mystical band, you’re definitely missing out. So please, click here, press play and give yourself a good hour break from whatever you’re doing. I can’t promise that you won’t be overwhelmed by a thousand emotions, but I can promise that you will feel calm and soothed after giving this Icelandic band a chance.

HERE is more !

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Keeping up with the summery theme after a gloomy day in Rotterdam. I went to see these guys last night without knowing anything about their music and let me tell you, it was amazing ! They are 4 classic english dudes from Manchester and perform kind of pop-punk tunes with a smile on their faces and beads of sweat on their foreheads.

They released their first album “Tell Me If You Like It” in June and if you’re looking for a “feel good” feeling, you definitely should give it a listen.

Spotify link HERE ! Buy the album HERE !

Watch this INTERVIEW to learn a bit more about the story behind “The Summer” and also just to see how adorable these guys are.

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BONUS TRACK : Can’t get enough of this cover !



Sound representation of a summer that stretched into autumn, refusing to leave. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetics Zeros keep offering a selection of dreamy and easy going songs, each of them painted with a ray of sunlight. Press play and expect an instant feel good sensation. You’re welcome !

HERE is their website, which you should visit only because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Listen to “PersonA” HERE and to my favourite album in their collection HERE !

And as always, you can choose not to download illegally today and buy their music HERE (think about your karma).

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BONUS TRACK : In The Summer, from the album “Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros”, released 3 years ago.

Tip: when feeling blue due to the cold winter days, listen to this song and put on some sunscreen !



Heard this song in the background of a Youtube video; thought it was Florence + The Machine, turns out it’s not (yay discovery). Madeline Crisman released yesterday (how lucky am I?) this song, which appears on her digital album “Verge”. Strongly recommend checking her Bandcamp out, her music is dreamy and her voice is amazing.

Bandcamp link HERE ! (Her music is v inexpensive so show her some love and attention, she definitely deserves it.)

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M.I.A. – VISA/A.M.P.

Completely forgot to post this ! M.I.A. brings us yet again that kind of weird mix of sounds that’s so particular but so good. I just hope that no gingers will be killed in her next music video this time.

Listen to the full album HERE and spend your money HERE !

Pitchfork article HERE if this woman intrigues you.

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This song feels like it should belong to a quiet evening, to a rainy day or that it should be a song to put on at the end of a long and heavy night. The US band BASECAMP has a new EP upcoming, which will be released on the 21st of October so get ready for some more autumnal, smoke-filled melodies.

Listen to more HERE and show some support HERE !

P.S: If you liked what you heard AND happen to be around Rotterdam these next few months, they will be performing in The Hague ! Click HERE to get yourself a ticket 😉

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