This new album is packed with simple and easygoing songs that will make you want to ignore all of your worries and obligations. Hooton Tennis Club sound like the kind of laid back guys you would want to hang around with by creating a super relaxed atmosphere in their album. So sit back, press play and let go of your day thus far because these guys can make a dark/not so happy song sound like your future holiday tune.

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The Swedish band The Radio Dept. released a couple of days ago their new LP “Running Out Of Love” and it’s been a while. Don’t be fooled by the dreamy pop tunes, this compilation is all about how society seems to be growing backwards recently, how we have all been doings things wrong. This particular track is, as the title hints, about the weapon market in Sweden.

You can read about the story behind the tracks and the band HERE ! You can listen to it HERE and treat yourself to the full LP or maybe one or two of your favourite songs HERE !

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Crystal Fighters are back with an album full of sun that will enlighten your grey days ! “Everything Is My Family” is a celebration of love and will paint a smile on your face even after the crappiest day. This track is one of the classic happy tunes that are so typical to Crystal Fighters, along with “Good Girls”, “All Night” and “Lay Low”. The question is, which one will appear on the next FIFA?

But ! The band did venture further than their comfort zone and experimented a little on this new album. “In Your Arms” is one of them, with an electro dance kind of tune. Enjoy !


You can listen to the full album on their Spotify and you can buy it on iTunes HERE ! Don’t forget to check their website HERE !

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It’s new and it’s perfect for a bike ride on a rainy day (or any type of gloomy commuting after a long day at work/school), you’re welcome ! I also recommend checking out the track “Left On Lucy” featured as well on Youandewan’s recent album “There Is No Right Time”.

You can listen to the full album HEREHERE is his Bandcamp aaaand show him some love HERE ! Also, you can read more about the album in THIS article !

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Bonus track: Just in case you thought you didn’t know who Youandewan was, here is his most popular track that you might have heard somewhere and some point before. And if not, it’s still a pretty good track. 🙂


This album reflects the struggles the band as been through during the past couple of years. Which makes me feel bad to announce that this is the only song I’ve been enjoying so far on The Naked And Famous’s new album. For some reason, most of the tracks on that album seem like the should be on the soundtrack of some average chick flick… But maybe I am being too difficult, it might just grow on me in the near future.

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Living in the Netherlands ? They will be playing live on February 10th 2017 in Utrecht, so if you’ve fallen in love with Alisa’s voice, grab yourself some tickets ! Oh and if you don’t live in the Netherlands, they’re touring around the USA, Canada and they will come to Europe in 2017, so you might just want to keep an eye out for a possible gig in your country.

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TDCC released yesterday a shiny new album and we’re miles away from their first album “Tourist History”. “Gameshow” is extremely groovy (80s vibe anyone?), faaaar away from the indie pop-ish type of tunes that I expected ! But thankfully, this comes as a great surprise and not a complete and utter failure.

Here’s one of my favourite tracks; gotta warn you, you might uncousciously find yourself “shoulder shimmying” (but it’s ok, as long as nobody’s watching).

Buy “Gameshow”  HERE ! Find it on Spotify HERE ! Check TDCC’s website HERE !

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Bonus track: Aaaanother one


Initially wanted to talk about Yelawolf’s new EP, that came out on the 10th. But my technology skills are still very limited so it’ll have to wait.So ye, sorry guys, no new stuff today.

I heard this song a couple of times during the past year without knowing who it was from. But every time I listen to it, it just makes me feel so calm. I know the soft and soothing tunes have been quite the theme recently, but what can you do, it’s getting cold and the leaves are turning orange here in Rotterdam and it makes me want to listen to some cozy music ! Vallis Alps create the perfect feeling with their cloud-like music. Not sad enough for melancholy, this band will make you want to take in a big breath of fresh air and smile (and if you’re like me, light a camp fire.. Don’t ask).

Listen to more HERE (they’ve only released 4 “official”songs, and a more recent Troye Sivan remix, so it won’t take you that much time if you’re too lazy to listen to full albums.)

Buy their stuff HERE !

And HERE is their website !

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