Discovery of the day: The Australian band Ivey released a year ago this single, a very indie pop-ish kind of tune embellished by Millie’s beautiful voice. These teens were definitely blessed with some serious talent (none of them are over 20 years old !).

If you’re into the The Jungle Giants/Bombay Bicycle Club/Two Door Cinema Club kind of thing, you will definitely enjoy Ivey’s happy vibes !

You can find their website HERE, their Spotify HERE, you can leave them love comments HERE and finally, spend some $$ HERE !

Much love

Bonus track: Springtime Carnivore released a new song a few days ago, called Midnight Room. Couldn’t not talk about it, it’s way too catchy. It’s kind of an odd song, I personally can’t quite understand how it makes me feel, it’s a bit dreamy and happy but at the same time it feels like fog (yes, I did write fog, as in when you feel when you’re thoughts are “foggy”), does that makes sense? Give it a listen and get your own impression !


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