Initially wanted to talk about Yelawolf’s new EP, that came out on the 10th. But my technology skills are still very limited so it’ll have to wait.So ye, sorry guys, no new stuff today.

I heard this song a couple of times during the past year without knowing who it was from. But every time I listen to it, it just makes me feel so calm. I know the soft and soothing tunes have been quite the theme recently, but what can you do, it’s getting cold and the leaves are turning orange here in Rotterdam and it makes me want to listen to some cozy music ! Vallis Alps create the perfect feeling with their cloud-like music. Not sad enough for melancholy, this band will make you want to take in a big breath of fresh air and smile (and if you’re like me, light a camp fire.. Don’t ask).

Listen to more HERE (they’ve only released 4 “official”songs, and a more recent Troye Sivan remix, so it won’t take you that much time if you’re too lazy to listen to full albums.)

Buy their stuff HERE !

And HERE is their website !

Much love


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