It has been a hot minute !

Here’s a new discovery for you: the English duo Gymnast create a beautiful mix of trip-hop and indie, embellished by a melodic voice. This particular song is a perfect winter morning tune, that will make you want to slip into a comfy jumper and open the windows to get some fresh, cold air in. Another soothing and soft song that will get you feel cozy and make it easier to accept the cold and dull days.

You can read a bit more about them on THIS interview / Check out their Bandcamp HERE / And HERE is their website !

Much love



Here’s a beautiful track taken from Solange’s recently released album “A Seat at the Table”. A calm and soothing tune embellished by the artist’s stunning voice. The full album is truly amazing and emotional, depicting the struggles and joys of a black woman in our society. Not one song is disappointing in my opinion.

You can read a bit more about the story behind the album HERE.

Buy the album HERE.

Listen to “A Seat at the Table” HERE.

Much love