Friday = chill beats and a glass of wine. Enjoy your weekend !

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Bonus tracks: A long with Jeff Kaale, the producer/beatmaker Jaokim Karud has been on repeat in my ears these past few days. Both artists provide perfect tracks to get you through the day with a relaxed and happy attitude !

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Here’s one of my long time favourites by Chrome Sparks; intense and powerful enough to provide energy for a long day of revising. Hope your day is more enjoyable than mine, if not, maybe this track will give you a bit of courage !

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Initially wanted to talk about Yelawolf’s new EP, that came out on the 10th. But my technology skills are still very limited so it’ll have to wait.So ye, sorry guys, no new stuff today.

I heard this song a couple of times during the past year without knowing who it was from. But every time I listen to it, it just makes me feel so calm. I know the soft and soothing tunes have been quite the theme recently, but what can you do, it’s getting cold and the leaves are turning orange here in Rotterdam and it makes me want to listen to some cozy music ! Vallis Alps create the perfect feeling with their cloud-like music. Not sad enough for melancholy, this band will make you want to take in a big breath of fresh air and smile (and if you’re like me, light a camp fire.. Don’t ask).

Listen to more HERE (they’ve only released 4 “official”songs, and a more recent Troye Sivan remix, so it won’t take you that much time if you’re too lazy to listen to full albums.)

Buy their stuff HERE !

And HERE is their website !

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Big Wild is back ! Here’s his latest release from ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. Yet another magical and beautiful song that will make you want to have the wind rushing through your hair and feel, as the title claims, invincible.

Never heard of Foreign Family Collective before? You’re missing out for sure. Check out the website HERE and the Soundcloud HERE. If you enjoyed this song then you will most definitely love the other artists too !

HERE is Big Wild’s website and  HERE is his Soundcloud.

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Relaxing vibes for overwhelmed minds.

Earlier this month, Peace To Mateo released the first track of his upcoming beat tape, also called “Bouquet”. The digital album will be released the 8th of October and is already available for pre-order. You can even order the album on a cassette ! So far, only three tracks are up and available to our ears, with “Juggernauts” that came out just yesterday.

You can give them a listen on his Soundcloud HERE or his Bandcamp HERE !

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This song feels like it should belong to a quiet evening, to a rainy day or that it should be a song to put on at the end of a long and heavy night. The US band BASECAMP has a new EP upcoming, which will be released on the 21st of October so get ready for some more autumnal, smoke-filled melodies.

Listen to more HERE and show some support HERE !

P.S: If you liked what you heard AND happen to be around Rotterdam these next few months, they will be performing in The Hague ! Click HERE to get yourself a ticket 😉

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