Crystal Fighters are back with an album full of sun that will enlighten your grey days ! “Everything Is My Family” is a celebration of love and will paint a smile on your face even after the crappiest day. This track is one of the classic happy tunes that are so typical to Crystal Fighters, along with “Good Girls”, “All Night” and “Lay Low”. The question is, which one will appear on the next FIFA?

But ! The band did venture further than their comfort zone and experimented a little on this new album. “In Your Arms” is one of them, with an electro dance kind of tune. Enjoy !


You can listen to the full album on their Spotify and you can buy it on iTunes HERE ! Don’t forget to check their website HERE !

Much love


M.I.A. – VISA/A.M.P.

Completely forgot to post this ! M.I.A. brings us yet again that kind of weird mix of sounds that’s so particular but so good. I just hope that no gingers will be killed in her next music video this time.

Listen to the full album HERE and spend your money HERE !

Pitchfork article HERE if this woman intrigues you.

Much love