Here’s one of my long time favourites by Chrome Sparks; intense and powerful enough to provide energy for a long day of revising. Hope your day is more enjoyable than mine, if not, maybe this track will give you a bit of courage !

Chrome Sparks: Buy / Browse / Spotify

Much love



I initially wanted to talk about M.I.A.’s new album, but it looks like I have no idea how to get my hands on a song if it isn’t available on Soundcloud or Youtube. There are a couple out there already if you guys want to check them out, but none of my favourite ones. So we shall wait.

Until then, here’s a fairly new track by Chrome Sparks. This time, the tone is chill and relaxed with Angelica Bess’s voice, nothing like the usual trippy galaxy stuff. Nevertheless, still amazing.

His soundcloud is HERE and you can get his best EP (in my opinion)  HERE !

Much love