It’s Wednesday and this track might just give you the courage to finish the week on a positive note ! Here’s the latest release from Childish Gambino, teasing his upcoming album “Awaken, My Love!”. A chill, slow jam that will make you look forward to the rest of the album.

Impatient? Check his Spotify HERE and download legally HERE !

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Relaxing vibes for overwhelmed minds.

Earlier this month, Peace To Mateo released the first track of his upcoming beat tape, also called “Bouquet”. The digital album will be released the 8th of October and is already available for pre-order. You can even order the album on a cassette ! So far, only three tracks are up and available to our ears, with “Juggernauts” that came out just yesterday.

You can give them a listen on his Soundcloud HERE or his Bandcamp HERE !

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Now I know this isn’t “that” new (this song was released in July and is increasing in popularity ever since) but it’s just too good not to talk about. This track is part of Glass Animal’s second studio album called “How To Be A Human Being” which is packed with easy-to-the-ear, groovy but still odd enough for it to be Glass Animals kind of tunes. Does this make any sense? (If not you may want to listen to [Premade Sandwiches] and then you might understand.)

Listen to the full album HERE and buy it HERE !

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Side note, Danny Brown’s new album is officially out TODAY, 3 days earlier than it was schedule so get excited ! I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s even better than I expected it to be. Just give it a listen and expect some sick but smart lyrics. Here’s my personal favourite so far :

Don’t forget to buyyyyyyy it (HERE)

M.I.A. – VISA/A.M.P.

Completely forgot to post this ! M.I.A. brings us yet again that kind of weird mix of sounds that’s so particular but so good. I just hope that no gingers will be killed in her next music video this time.

Listen to the full album HERE and spend your money HERE !

Pitchfork article HERE if this woman intrigues you.

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Precious collaboration on Danny Brown’s new track, released yesterday. The hip-hop artist surrounds himself with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt and the result is as expected: an amazing and powerful track (and the xylophone WILL get stuck in your head).

His LP “Atrocity Exhibition” will be out end of September so stay tuned for more.

Click HERE to read the “Rolling Stone” magazine article about the collab !

Click HERE for more Danny Brown !

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