Can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier…

Bon Iver released last Friday the album “22, A Million” with perfect timing, since (at least personally) the band rhymes with autumn, falling leaves and windy weather.

This album seems far more experimental than the previous one (Bon Iver, Bon Iver; which was a f*cking masterpiece if you ask me) and you might notice that all the titles have relatively odd names. The album reminds me in some way of the “crackling twist” of the collaboration between Justin Vernon and James Blake back in 2011 (called Fall Creek Boys Choir).

This is definitely an album that deserves your full attention when listening to it.

You can buy the album HERE, listen to it HERE and read more about it HERE !

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Didn’t think a remix could beat the original song, but this one comes v close to doing so. AMTRAC’s twist will give you goosebumps and a feeling of serenity. So lay down, switch the lights off and enjoy the trip.

Spotify HERE; Soundcloud HERE; iTunes HERE

Original song:

If you’ve never heard of this incredible and mystical band, you’re definitely missing out. So please, click here, press play and give yourself a good hour break from whatever you’re doing. I can’t promise that you won’t be overwhelmed by a thousand emotions, but I can promise that you will feel calm and soothed after giving this Icelandic band a chance.

HERE is more !

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