You may remember this guy as one of the founders of Birdy Nam Nam, a band that he has left back in 2014. DJ Pone will be releasing a new album on the 21st of October, called “Radiant”, which is something that I am truly looking forward to. The french artist has been in the industry for over 20 years now, has won multiple competitions and keeps coming back with amazing content every time.

This track is a smooth mix between electronic and hip-hop that results in something calming and beautiful.


Much love



Blu & Fa†e released just yesterday “Open Your Optics to Optimism”, an EP that will make you think. Soothing but questioning at the same time. You should give the lyrics more than a little bit of attention.

Spotify HERE and Bandcamp HERE !

I also recommend reading THIS article if you want to learn a bit more about their collaboration and some information behind the EP.

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