TDCC released yesterday a shiny new album and we’re miles away from their first album “Tourist History”. “Gameshow” is extremely groovy (80s vibe anyone?), faaaar away from the indie pop-ish type of tunes that I expected ! But thankfully, this comes as a great surprise and not a complete and utter failure.

Here’s one of my favourite tracks; gotta warn you, you might uncousciously find yourself “shoulder shimmying” (but it’s ok, as long as nobody’s watching).

Buy “Gameshow”  HERE ! Find it on Spotify HERE ! Check TDCC’s website HERE !

Much love

Bonus track: Aaaanother one



Initially wanted to talk about Yelawolf’s new EP, that came out on the 10th. But my technology skills are still very limited so it’ll have to wait.So ye, sorry guys, no new stuff today.

I heard this song a couple of times during the past year without knowing who it was from. But every time I listen to it, it just makes me feel so calm. I know the soft and soothing tunes have been quite the theme recently, but what can you do, it’s getting cold and the leaves are turning orange here in Rotterdam and it makes me want to listen to some cozy music ! Vallis Alps create the perfect feeling with their cloud-like music. Not sad enough for melancholy, this band will make you want to take in a big breath of fresh air and smile (and if you’re like me, light a camp fire.. Don’t ask).

Listen to more HERE (they’ve only released 4 “official”songs, and a more recent Troye Sivan remix, so it won’t take you that much time if you’re too lazy to listen to full albums.)

Buy their stuff HERE !

And HERE is their website !

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Here’s a beautiful track taken from Solange’s recently released album “A Seat at the Table”. A calm and soothing tune embellished by the artist’s stunning voice. The full album is truly amazing and emotional, depicting the struggles and joys of a black woman in our society. Not one song is disappointing in my opinion.

You can read a bit more about the story behind the album HERE.

Buy the album HERE.

Listen to “A Seat at the Table” HERE.

Much love


Discovery of the day: The Australian band Ivey released a year ago this single, a very indie pop-ish kind of tune embellished by Millie’s beautiful voice. These teens were definitely blessed with some serious talent (none of them are over 20 years old !).

If you’re into the The Jungle Giants/Bombay Bicycle Club/Two Door Cinema Club kind of thing, you will definitely enjoy Ivey’s happy vibes !

You can find their website HERE, their Spotify HERE, you can leave them love comments HERE and finally, spend some $$ HERE !

Much love

Bonus track: Springtime Carnivore released a new song a few days ago, called Midnight Room. Couldn’t not talk about it, it’s way too catchy. It’s kind of an odd song, I personally can’t quite understand how it makes me feel, it’s a bit dreamy and happy but at the same time it feels like fog (yes, I did write fog, as in when you feel when you’re thoughts are “foggy”), does that makes sense? Give it a listen and get your own impression !


You may remember this guy as one of the founders of Birdy Nam Nam, a band that he has left back in 2014. DJ Pone will be releasing a new album on the 21st of October, called “Radiant”, which is something that I am truly looking forward to. The french artist has been in the industry for over 20 years now, has won multiple competitions and keeps coming back with amazing content every time.

This track is a smooth mix between electronic and hip-hop that results in something calming and beautiful.


Much love



Can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier…

Bon Iver released last Friday the album “22, A Million” with perfect timing, since (at least personally) the band rhymes with autumn, falling leaves and windy weather.

This album seems far more experimental than the previous one (Bon Iver, Bon Iver; which was a f*cking masterpiece if you ask me) and you might notice that all the titles have relatively odd names. The album reminds me in some way of the “crackling twist” of the collaboration between Justin Vernon and James Blake back in 2011 (called Fall Creek Boys Choir).

This is definitely an album that deserves your full attention when listening to it.

You can buy the album HERE, listen to it HERE and read more about it HERE !

Much love


Big Wild is back ! Here’s his latest release from ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. Yet another magical and beautiful song that will make you want to have the wind rushing through your hair and feel, as the title claims, invincible.

Never heard of Foreign Family Collective before? You’re missing out for sure. Check out the website HERE and the Soundcloud HERE. If you enjoyed this song then you will most definitely love the other artists too !

HERE is Big Wild’s website and  HERE is his Soundcloud.

Much love